Ambition is the courage to trigger your skills

Meet Flanders Food Productions

“Ambition” that is the keyword at Flanders Food Productions. We put all our strength on cheese. F.F.P. is specialised in processing and marketing hard and semi-hard cheeses and also cheese alternatives.

The combination of our specialised knowledge, drive and innovation makes Flanders Food Productions your preferred partner for cheese.

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Flanders Food Productions offers an extensive range of hard and semi-hard cheeses. Our range varies from grated and sliced cheese to block products.

Range & Finish - Packaging - Private label


Focus on Quality. At Flanders Food Productions we believe that our knowledge leads to 100% Quality.

Test laboratory - Certificates

Sales Markets

Flanders Food Productions sells its products in various market segments. We supply both nationally and internationally at Foodservice & Catering wholesalers, Industry and Retail.

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Flanders Food Productions N.V.
John Cockerillstraat 87
3920 Lommel

Tel.: + 32 11 60 46 66
Fax.: + 32 11 60 46 67
[email protected]

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