Focus on Quality

Flanders Food Productions maintains a very strong constant focus on quality assurance. Thanks to our well-established quality system, we guarantee high quality that is monitored closely over the whole line.

All incoming products are subject to a strict incoming goods check (smell, colour, taste, temperature, etc.) before they enter the product flow. The products are then processed and packaged in accordance with strict work instructions with corresponding production checks (temperature, metal detection, gas composition, residual oxygen, seal quality, etc.). The finished product is checked by our quality department before leaving the company.

At Flanders Food Productions we guarantee that all end products are subject to a number of tests by our QA department, such as organoleptic tests, baking tests, shelf-life tests, physiological and microbiological tests, etc. Thanks to this constant monitoring Flanders Food Productions stands for 100% quality.

Test Laboratory

The functionality of the various products is the most important factor for our customers. At Flanders Food Productions, we have the facilities to carry out simulations in our test laboratory (test kitchen). These tests reproduce the way in which the cheese products are actually used and processed in catering, industry or day-to-day use. Highly specific melting properties are also required for certain applications in industrial processing. Flanders Food Productions carries out tests in various ovens and with different time and temperature combinations before releasing its products. This means that we not only guarantee constant quality, but are also able to fulfil the specific requirements or melting properties desired by the customer.

Together with the customer, we experiment to find a product that completely fulfils his expectations.


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